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What’s truly amazing about our generation of artists is that we’ve become proficient at developing multiple skills. Having embraced that mentality, I have built a multi-facetted career as a producer, photographer and writer.  However, I truly identify myself first and foremost as a Director. Telling character-driven stories is what really excites me, whether they are comedies or dramas.  My favorite part of filmmaking is being on set with actors. That’s when the story comes to life, when people get vulnerable, uncomfortable and open up their hearts.

So how does this qualify me to take your headshot?

First, it can be tough to have your picture taken. You’re trained to ignore the camera, not interact with it. Like on a film set, I create a safe environment where you can relax and unleash your true self. My job is to bring out the best in you.

Secondly, I create photographs that emulate the feel of a film frame. Ten years of experience directing award-winning features, short films, and commercials allowed me to build a unique skillset: Rather than approaching headshots as portraits, I place actors in a cinematic environment that showcases how you will look onscreen.

Lastly, I have seen A LOT of headshots because I cast actors all the time! I cannot describe how frustrating it is when actors look nothing like their headshots. This is the biggest thing I strive to avoid.

If this is sounding pretty good to you, then let's do this! Whether you are approachable, quirky, dark, ethereal or the girl we love to hate, let’s work together to capture the real you! 

Welcome! I’m Marjorie. I am the mom of the world’s cutest beagle, the wife of a tall, handsome dude, and a passionate storyteller.